Sign Standoffs: The Modern Way to Hang Signage

Sign holders have long been a fixture of the retail industry. Many managers and owners use snap displays or swing-open frames to put up advertisements or directional signs in their stores. Likewise, business professionals often utilize name plates to label independent offices in a corporate building. In fact, there are an infinite number of applications, and a solution exists for each. Of the extensive selection of sign holders available on the display market, one recent innovation has quickly been taking hold. Sign standoffs are the modern way to showcase signage. These hardware sets are not only contemporary in style but also are relatively cheap in cost. In addition, sign standoffs allow for quite a bit of versatility when developing and installing signs. For example, a wooden sign that is specially made for a company can be drilled and installed using standoffs. Printed acrylic panels are yet another material that is perfect for these systems. Glass signs will also work with standoffs. Even a metal sign, as long as it is drilled with the proper tools, can be hung with ease. The level of customization is outstanding, which is why standoffs are some of the most popular solutions. In order to accommodate the variety of substrates that can be applied, the standoffs are manufactured in a multitude of styles. There are basic, tamperproof, and edge-grip or sign rail models. Complete cable systems that combine standoffs and framing are also available. Manufacturers have realized the potential of these signage fixtures, which is why so many different layouts are offered.

Basic standoffs are the least expensive versions. There are all kinds of different sizes available, as both the length and diameter of the units can vary. For this reason, every customer will be able to get the best fitting supplies. The material used to make the standoffs also varies. Economy models are typically made from aluminum and feature a polished finished. Upscale designs are crafted from either steel or solid brass with a plated finish. Plated options are available with satin silver, chrome, or gold finishes. Many of these standoffs can be used outdoors, as well. Though they are durable enough to last outside, tamperproof models are recommended, so there is no worry of theft or damage to signs. These basic hardware sets feature countersinks for the included wall screws and standard threaded covers. Plastic anchors keep the wall screws from destroying mounting surfaces, while the tops are hand-tightened for a complete signage system.

Tamperproof sign standoffs are outfitted with various locking configurations that prevent curious hands from causing damage. These are the choices that are ideal for outdoor use. Most of these styles utilize a locking screw along with a center screw and cap to hold the sign panel. The set screw offers additional security for locations with a lot of foot traffic, and an Allen key is included with each purchase. The hex wrench tightens and locks the unit, so bystanders cannot make unauthorized “updates.” Like the basic models, there are several designs of tamperproof sign making kits available. The round and square versions feature flat heads that are difficult to grasp, which serves as an extra measure of security. These are usually made from stainless steel that is polished for a subtle yet refined accent. Cylindrical options are longer and have plated finishes for a sophisticated look. Tapered standoffs are unique in that they come with less unconventional finishes. These units also feature a rubber gasket that prevents damage to signs from over tightening. Choose the tapering equipment in either chrome, brushed silver, or venetian brass. The dimensions are more limited than that of the standard styles; however, there is still a great deal of viable options.

Edge grip standoffs and sign rails do not require users to drill the signage yet function in a similar fashion as the other selections. Instead, this hardware supports the edge of a sign with simple pressure. A series of screws on the rail or grip are tightened to hold the panel in place. Streamlining the installation process eliminates unnecessary headaches, which is what makes these items so highly sought after. The rails and grips do not require precise drilling. Just attach the mount to wall, place the signage in the rail or grip, and tighten the hardware. It is that easy! All the necessary mounting hardware is enclosed with each purchase, so buyers can avoid trips to the local tool shop. As with the previously mentioned examples, there is a choice of finish. These models are sold in either satin or chrome. The advantage of these standoffs is that they allow signage to be placed perpendicularly on the wall. Signs that are mounted at a 90-degree angle are easily viewed and read by passersby or onlookers. Prevalent signage fixtures are crucial for any establishment, which is why these items are spotted so frequently. 

Of course, there are also complete signage sets that integrate frames and a cable system with the standoffs. These hanging sign kits are mounted to either the floor and ceiling with tensionizing standoffs or the wall with 90-degree pivoting standoffs. Several edge grips, similar to those mentioned above, are used to suspend acrylic paneling or metal snap frames, while clamping to the cable. In fact, the grippers can actually move up and down the system to create a plethora of display presentations. These options are some of the most subdued signage fixtures available even though they are also some of the most intriguing. How is this possible? The seaming invisibility of the holder draws the eye because viewers want to know how the signage is suspended. In addition, the slim or clear frames are designed in such a way as to avoid detraction from any exhibited signs. Whether affixed to the wall or attached to the ceiling and floor, these suspended cable systems offer a fashionable method for hanging signage.

POP display suppliers are always looking for ground-breaking yet affordable sign hardware to bring to their customers. The four standoff options featured here all have economical prices, so any retailer or marketer can fit them into a limited budget. Having materials that effectively inform or attract customers is essential to any successful business, which is why these options are so practical. The saying “less is more” is especially fitting for these standoffs, as a smaller amount of material offers the same or better capabilities than traditional frames and holders. Additionally, shoppers have a natural tendency to examine the most modern furnishings. These contemporary hardware sets have reinvented the way to hang signage in stores and business offices. The minimal designs, elegant finishes, and diminutive price tags of these sign standoffs are perfectly suited for the next generation of advertising!

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