Practical Commercial Uses for LED Signs

When the first practical LEDs (light-emitting diodes) premiered in 1962, they were only available in the color red and had quite a short life span. Technology improved however, coming out with a greater variety of colors, life spans, and uses. These diminutive lights are commonly seen in the brake lights for cars, worked into the announcement boards at transportation depots, street lamps, even in strings of Christmas lights. In addition to their extremely low operating costs, it's no surprise that they’ve been used in signage that is required to stay on for many hours, or signage that is never turned off. These hanging illuminated signs have a wide variety of functional features that make them handy supplies restaurants and businesses can use to relay messages even in the middle of the darkest nights.

Certain types of LED signs are designed to hang from the inside of a window. The signage will last a good deal longer by being inside, safely kept out of bad weather conditions and away from other environmental damage. Since the sign is displayed in a window, the message it's broadcasting is just as noticeable to passersby as if it were placed on the outside of a store. LEDs differ from traditional filament bulbs in the overall lighted effect. Where filament bulbs project a softer and warmer illumination, LEDs provide pinpoint splashes of color that are very eye-catching. When combining flashing and pulsating effects with multiple colors into the mix, LED signs create arresting messages viewable from great distances. These signs become beacons to passerby as well as passing motorists, inviting them to enter your establishment.

These LED signs are a great way to relay a message that needs to reach potential customers and visitors quickly and clearly. Many of these LED signs feature messages that are simple and useful, designed to be read in a matter of a few seconds. Gas stations could let passing drivers know with an "OPEN" sign in flashing blue and red lights that they feature 24 hour service. That sign will let visitors know that it's okay to stop there to refill the tank rather than driving thirty miles to the next available station (and possibly running out of fuel on the way). The owners of the gas station could combine that display with another that says "ATM INSIDE" to let customers know more about what they offer. Hotels and motels could use the "VACANCY" sign for similar purposes, advertising that they have space for visitors. Or, they can push the button to change the message to "NO VACANCY", letting people know that the inn's full for the night before they stop and waste valuable time instead of finding other accommodations. There are also more specialized LED displays that feature some more modern messages, such as manicures in bright pink diodes, tanning beds in vibrant purple LEDs, or even tattoos. Obviously, these models have a more specialized application than the "OPEN" signs, though are no less useful.

The LED bulbs in these styles of signs are designed to have an incredibly long life span. Because they use diodes instead of traditional light bulbs, they will last a lot longer before burning out. LEDs also use a lot less electricity than a traditional illuminated sign, so it's easy to keep them running through the night without having your power bill blow the budget every month. To operate a sign like this all one has to do is plug the 12 volt adapter into a nearby socket and pull the cord. That'll turn the lights on and you're ready to start using it. Many signs also feature varied illumination patterns for users to choose from. There's the standard steadily on display, then a couple of other oscillation options that use chasing and flashing lights to make them especially noticeable.

LED signs are great for attracting attention. People gravitate towards the color and clarity of the message. And now that these signs are much more affordable than they have been in the past, they are quickly becoming a very legitimate choice for any business that's looking for an illuminated window sign.

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