How Suspended Sign Systems Offer Innovative and Customizable Marketing Solutions

Some of the world’s leading display suppliers have recently sought to expand the applications and functionality of many acrylic sign frames. Traditionally, clear plastic poster holders have been adhered to walls or simply displayed on atop tables. While this conventional technique is successful in the marketing world, the most innovative businesses are demanding more out of basic displays.

It is obvious that companies and organizations prefer to enhance existing advertising materials rather than purchase entirely new tools. One reason for this trend is the simple fact that time, money and resources can be conserved. What business or retail store wouldn’t want to save valuable marketing dollars or use funding for other projects?  Another cause for this tendency rests with the simplicity of adding on rather than starting over.  Most establishments already own useful fixtures that display up-to-date messages or promotions.  Although some of these places of business are content with the displays they have on hand, many would be pleased to supplement store exhibits with additional signs. Others would be ecstatic to learn that they can completely customize in-store communication at their locations.  A number of new developments and ideas seek to provide a solution to this dilemma.

Hanging sign kits and cable display systems are becoming increasingly popular throughout the POP display circuit.  These visual merchandising supplies suspend graphics from above or in storefronts, which results in extra exposure.  Research has shown that customers are twice as likely to read overhead and entryway signs, so any location that already has signs but would like to make them more prominent can benefit.  The beauty of the hanging cable system is that it can be modified to fit the needs of specific applications.  Finding the right display bundle that suits a particular professional retail need is often challenging.  Sign hanging kits seek to nip this problem in the bud by offering fully modifiable solutions.  The two ways to make signs more prevalent include wall displays and ceiling fixtures.  Of these methods, there are several components made for a wide array of set-ups.

The first incorporates ceiling-hung poster frames.  Visual merchandising displays of this ilk include all the components necessary for hanging store signs or retail graphics overhead.  One version of sign system uses monofilament nylon line to let store owners present lighter graphics and imagery using clear acrylic or plastic frames.  A bonus of this option is that the nylon material, like the frameless enclosure, is almost invisible.  Invisibility has and will always be a significant characteristic of successful store fixtures.  Having hanging supplies that only enhance rather than distract from displayed signage is essential for any application.  In addition, giving customers the illusion that the sign is floating intrigues even the most conservative shoppers.  Another helpful feature of the hanging display system is that it keeps sales floors clear of unwieldy obstructions like floor-standing promotional advertisements.  An easily navigated store helps keep customers coming back.  What makes these sets even more functional is that barnacle clips and toggle bolts are included, which allow users to mount graphics on most any type of ceiling.   

The other styles of suspended sign frames include metal jack chains.  Chain is often used for heavier store signage.  Some stores even hang flat screen plasma televisions or LCD monitors with metal chains.  The hanging hardware takes advantage of barnacle clips, toggle bolts and "S" hooks to complete the system.  With all of these parts, this hanging hardware can suspend advertisements from most any type of wall or ceiling. The only item a store owner must provide is the retail, real estate, business or other signage.  Some packages are able to be used in conjunction with slatwall presentations, which is practical for many retail environments.  Of course, different lengths may be required depending on the height of the ceiling in a particular store or office; however, systems like these can be adjusted to suit nearly any requirements.  So why are these items so sensible?  If an organization has acrylic sign frames, they can be drilled or modified easily to hang rather than simply stick on the wall.  Jack chain and nylon do have their limitations, which is why more heavy-duty options exist.

The cable display systems have similar components as the aforementioned sets, except they feature standoffs, edge grips and rugged cables instead of jack chain or nylon line.  These hanging hardware packages are a more industrial option for sign or graphic presentations.  They are commonly utilized alongside acrylic holders to develop storefront or window-style marketing fixtures as well as floor to ceiling wall displays.  The attractive feature of these models is that the acrylic picture displays do not require pre-drilled holes in the top corners for hooks like other choices.  Rather the edge grips firmly clamp down on the panels holding them in place.  For this reason, they can be used over and again!  The clamps are adjusted and tightened with an Allen key, so users can be sure the surfaces do not slip.  The included standoffs depend on the use.

For wall or window displays, the standoffs are designed with 90-degree mounts to securely fasten to studs or other wall materials.  The ceiling fixtures are different in that they span the entire length from floor to ceiling.  A standoff is included for both surfaces, and each is optimized for its application.  The ceiling hardware is fixed, while the floor mount is tensionized with an interior spring to keep the cable taut at all times.  To protect store walls and ceilings, a plastic countersink is supplied for each screw.  Once the cable is set up, the edge grips are tightened to position the acrylic panels where they need to be.  In any application, the standout attribute of these designs is their ability to be combined with units of the same type, as well as retrofit other existing fixtures.

Turbulent economies and the ever-changing demands of the merchandising industry have paved the way for these hanging sign kits.  The latest developments in signage give companies the tools that allow them to keep a leg up on competitors.  Implementing highly advanced and cutting-edge display fixtures is key to staying ahead.  “Reduce, re-use and recycle” and “going green” have become critical to large businesses of the modern world.  Corporations are constantly seeking the most optimal methods for cutting down waste and re-using supplies.  Instead of simply replacing conventional acrylic frames with the most expensive displays, companies can invest in long-lasting, updatable fixtures.

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