UV Print Sidewalk Signs with High Resolution Imagery

Looking for a waterproof sign display for advertising outside your place of business? These UV print sidewalk signs do away with traditional paper posters and the necessary plastic lenses designed to keep them dry. The UV-cured ink process starts with a large flatbed printer capable of handling large formats. Once the jets spray the ink onto the surface of any rigid substrate (in this case foam boards or corrugated plastic sheets), the ultraviolet lamps cure the ink instantaneously and permanently. The UV print sidewalk signs need no other protection from the elements in order to do their job. We offer high resolution print quality with full color capabilities. Need to match a corporate PMS color? Reproduce photographic images? Our printer can handle it.

Combined with the printed sign boards are a selection of sidewalk signs and sign bases. The steel bases feature a satin silver finish and come with foam boards. They are designed more for indoor use. The A-frames and sidewalk signs with fillable bases offer more rugged designs and are much more suitable for weathering the elements. Not only is the polyethylene plastic able to withstand harsh environments, the bases can be filled with sand or water to defend against strong wind gusts. If you would like to purchase UV print signs without a sign frame, they are available for sale separately.

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