Outdoor Bulletin Boards Are Weather Resistant

Don't just put sign supplies up on your interior walls – get your advertisements up outside too! Oftentimes, the outdoor walls of your establishment are an untapped source of display potential. But people pass by those exterior walls each day, both on foot and in cars. Why not put some sign supplies out there to grab a little extra attention? These signage holders, poster frames would look fantastic on the outside of a building. The sign supplies can be mounted by the front door or set up in a series of signs on a long wall that borders a parking lot, wherever there's an open wall space. These exterior rated frames are affordable and secure. A sign supply will protect your custom printed ads from both weather and vandals. The wholesale equipment is also large enough to be seen from a good distance away. Most of the outdoor sign supplies range in size from 22" x 28" up to 36" x 48". When your posters are that size, people will definitely sit up and take notice.

There are two primary styles of outdoor sign supplies available in this category: snap frame poster holders and swing door poster frames. There are a number of similarities between the two; however their differences must be addressed as well. The sign supplies, also known as snap frame displays, are available in black. The swing door frames come in black and matte silver. The swinging door holders also are able to be hung in either vertical or horizontal orientation, while the snap frames do not have that choice. Then there is also a matter of price: the snap frame sign making equipment is the less expensive benefit. Let's move onto the similar parts.

What are the similarities between the outdoor snap frames and swing door frames?
  • Both option a rust proof aluminum construction designed to stay strong throughout some of the worst weather.
  • Both types of sign making equipment option an internal rubber gasket designed to keep water from sneaking through and ruining your displayed graphics.
  • Both frames utilize a non-glare, UV resistant PVC lens over the graphic to prevent sun glare, stop fading, and provide weather protection to the image.
  • Both exterior sign displays have a locking mechanism as an added layer of security against theft.
  • Both frames are easy to adjust the contained images – it only takes one person a matter of mere minutes to complete a graphics switch with this equipment.

All of those qualities consolidate to make a signage display that is attractive and functional. But these styles aren't the only ones out there. If you want a display that is on the smaller size or maybe not as noticeable, highlighting the poster instead of the sign holder, we can help you out with that, too. There is another benefit available to you in this category. This piece of sign making equipment is smaller than the frames listed above, however the wholesale price may make up for it. The intriguing part about this sign supply is that it is crafted entirely from recycled substrates, making it useful and environmentally friendly all at the same time.

What are the unique features of this outdoor sign holder?
  • The poster holder is extremely affordable, providing a great deal of utility for an amazingly low, wholesale rate. A two-pack set costs less than five dollars.
  • The picture frame is made from flexible, clear, recycled plastic that is shatter proof and weather resistant.
  • This sign making equipment is easy to use – just one piece of plastic that folds over to create a sealed display.
  • The design of the holder is subtle. It lets the contained poster be the star of the show, rather than distracting from it with extra framing or details.
  • The notice holder supports a typical notebook sized image of 8 ½" x 11".

Between price and size, there's a sign holder for just about everyone in this category. A low-key, elegant restaurant could go for the recycled plastic display to post their menu outside their front door, doing so in a way that won't distract from the frontage of their establishment. A store that has a lot of traffic, places like supermarkets, banks, or liquor stores, could go for one of the locking door displays that can hold a larger image to entice and intrigue potential customers. Or, put a piece of equipment on the outside wall of a movie theatre to let people know what the newest movies will be over the next few months. A company could utilize a series of sign making frames rather than just one to create a full advertising showcase. These are only a few of the possibilities out of a countless amount that these frames can be used for!

Many of the merchandise in this category option same day shipping. If you place your order before 2 pm EST, the poster display sign holder will be shipped out to you that same night. There are also discounts on bulk orders. The more of the same item that you order at once, the lower the price per item will turn out to be. So if you're thinking about setting up a larger advertising poster display with a number of images for your company, these wholesale sign holders would be a great choice.

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