Light Pole Banner Brackets for Street and Utility Poles

What is the most prominent way to display outdoor promotional flags? That's easy! These promo banners that affix to streetlamps take advantage of available resources, so users do not have to buy flagpoles! Whether a campus representative is decorating an educational establishment or a marketer is promoting specials at a business, the printed signs will successfully grab the attention of passersby due to the towering height. These promo banners, otherwise referred to as avenue-style advertising flags, can even be outfitted with custom-printed logos, insignias, text, and other messages. Promo banners come in all grades, from versions with simple text to elaborate multi-color displays. In addition, customers can select from either vinyl or fabric material depending on the application and surrounding conditions. These promo banners for business are also frequently used by communities to promote holiday messages or inform locales of upcoming town events. Any retail organization can put up images and text that reflects on-going sales, clearances, special financing, and more. Each promo banner helps save space, time, and money. Go online today to find the perfect pennants for your intended use.

What qualities of the promo banner ensure it will last outside?
  • Many of the street signs are made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers with UV stabilizers that resist fading in sunlight. Others are crafted from 17-ounce vinyl that is treated for increased durability.
  • Additionally, each features a water-resistant design for long-lasting signs, even when employed in inclement weather.
  • The printed display banners also repel stains and mildew, which keeps promotional and informative images from deteriorating or appearing unprofessional.
  • There are both two-ply signs and single-ply options. The dual ply versions are a bit more longstanding, but all of the units feature hemmed edges that prevent fraying and other damage.
  • In any case, both digital and screen-printed images will persevere in exterior settings.

The displays for lampposts can be personalized with printed images. What is even better is that printing is available in either 1 or 2 colors, and the choices for color incorporate: red, green, yellow, burgundy, blue, grey, teal, black, and white. The templates are featured on each item page, so customers are able to create completely unique designs. Each template is formatted in Adobe® Illustrator® for ease of use. There are some parameters to think about when designing images. First off, the graphics must not be too small in relation to the printed area. Secondly, no more than two colors may be used. In addition, any lines must not be too thin in reference to the designs to avoid hard-to-see details. Artwork must also remain inside the imprint area (approximately 1/2" bleed), and any vector shapes must be merged. The vector images need to be a solid color rather than a gradient. Simple shapes and text is optimal.

Full-color, digital signs are also accessible. These models are the better option for designs that include gradients, elaborate artwork, true-to-life images, or various color overlays. Text that is small and or relatively involve may also look better with the digital printing process. Conventional vinyl imprinting is an excellent way to develop simple and clear roadside signage. Digital versions are the more feasible selections if your institution requires in-depth designs and images.

What sizes is are offered for these advertising flags for lamp post attachment?
  • The company provides the promotional displays with common dimensions. These include: 24" x 48", 30" x 60", 30" x 84", and 36" x 60". Each size for the promotional flags has a rod pole pocket to accommodate the most popular styles of poles and brackets, although, hardware sets are available for purchase alongside the pennants.

Communities often implement street graphics and images for a number of reasons. The advertising flags are usually hung in town squares and other localized areas to commemorate seasons or events with the townsfolk. For example, a display could read: "Happy Holidays!", "Have a Safe and Fun Summer", or another uplifting message. Promotional flags for telephone poles also showcase upcoming events, like street dances, farmers' markets, theatre productions, festivals, and more. Suspending the images with hardware brackets is the latest way to convey information to an entire community.

Many places of business set up the hardware and flags as a way of merchandising. Retail associations display sales information and clearance notices. Automotive dealerships mount the promotional flags to street lamps on or adjacent to their lots to conserve space. Here, they advertise new models, promotional financing, or other buyer incentives. Hotels and resorts adorn their grounds with ads for services (on-site spas, eateries, golf courses, et cetera) or areas of local interest. Schools and universities suspend the street flags on lampposts throughout campus to announce areas of study, catchlines, locations, upcoming events, and more.

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