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Flags with Teardrop Shape that Does Not Curl Up in Wind

These teardrop flags are a great way for advertising retail stores, non-profit organizations and individual events with stock messages. More affordable than custom printed displays, these feature us The flagpoles are often seen in parking lots and at storefronts waving to the public to attract attention. This type of teardrop banner comes with a number of base options that allow them to be used either indoors or outdoors. Pennants with a ground spike can be planted into dirt and grass for secure footing and are often found near parking lots or even inside malls. Teardrop flags can also come with a cross base and a fillable water bag for use either indoors or outdoors. Another option is the hard plastic weighted base for filling up with liquid or sand.

In what weather can these flagpoles be used? With these teardrop banners, a slight breeze is desired for an attractive waving motion. However, a breeze is not required, as they will display correctly even in calm weather. Each of the poles has a limit, for example, the cross base with a water bag and ground spike will remain upright in winds up to 20 mph (32km/h). The most stable base for use in high winds is the plastic fillable base that, once filled with water or sand, will remain upright in winds up to 50 mph (80km/h).

What are the design options available with these flags? These indoor-outdoor fixtures are available with stock messages, making them a more affordable option than custom printed signage. Choose from a variety of signs that include messages such as "sale", "grand opening", and "open". The colors are already set on these stock message flags, but their messaging is big, bold and will not go unnoticed.

These promo banners are a great way for a business to get noticed. Well-placed promotional signs, whether they are printed with custom or stock messages, will draw the attention of passersby. They can even draw customers into your business that may not have otherwise known about your sale. Their longstanding construction and fade-resistant polyester fabric ensure many years of use.

The printed message placed on these promotional fixtures can draw a great deal of attention to your business. If you support local events, a teardrop flag with your company name or logo displayed at the event will let everyone know that you support the community. The name of your product prominently displayed in your parking lot will let everyone know what you sell. Place these banners indoors in a showroom to draw attention of a sales event or new arrivals. The uses of these great displays signs are virtually endless!

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