Sidewalk Poster Stands with Basic Designs Hold Signs & Inserts

Should simplicity be a priority when it comes to your advertising and other marketing promotions? Sometimes you don't need a sign supply with all of the bells and whistles. If what you're really looking for is a simple frame that will get your message out to the world, then these sign frames may be the best choice for you! These standard poster signs, sign supplies are some of our more basic models. They option simple but rugged construction, and will allow you to start using them almost as soon as you take them out of the packaging. These sign supplies, also known as A-frame signs, are ideal for outdoor usage too. You can easily place them on the sidewalk in front of your store, whether you're in a shopping plaza or directly on the road. Sidewalk display equipment, sign supplies are an effective way to capture the attention of foot traffic and entice them to come into your store. This category predominantly features two (2) distinct models for you to choose from: A-frame signs and wind resistant signs.

What are the properties of the A-frame sign supplies?
  • The signs are available in 20" x 30", 22" x 28", and 30" x 40".
  • The sign frames are crafted from longstanding aluminum. The finishes come in black and satin silver.
  • Every A-frame sign is dual sided, allowing you to advertise in two directions at one time.
  • The display areas are covered in a protective lens crafted from PVC plastic. This lens is non-glare, allowing for easy viewing, and is able to protect the sign from water and dampness.
  • The two (2) display areas option snap frames, making it simple to insert and change out your signage. Just snap open, remove the protective lens, insert your poster, replace the lens, and snap shut once more.
  • The frames hinge open and then fold closed. Many of the signs are lightweight as well. When those two factors are combined it makes for one lightweight display that can easily be carried to wherever you need it to be placed.
  • A few models of these A-frame signs come with a 22" x 8 ½" header area. On two of those models we will be able to custom print headers for you to match your signage. These are printed with adhesive backed vinyl on Sintra boards.
  • One specific model also features a unique curved header for some added style.
What are some of the attributes of the wind resistant sign equipment?
  • The displays are available in the following sizes: 22" x 28", 23" x 33", and 30" x 40".
  • The sign making display equipment boasts aluminum construction, and is finished in either matte black or satin silver.
  • These frames are dual-sided as well; however they do not option the distinctive slight angle that is present on the A-frame signs.
  • As with the A-frame signage, these sign industry demonstration pieces also have PVC protective lenses and snap frames for fast image changes.
  • More so than the A-frame signs, these company fixtures were specifically designed for wind resistance. The panel is attached to the base with springs to allow signage to move about with the breeze. The base has a wide footprint, which helps the messages to stay vertical in winds of up to 30 mph.
  • Some production is required for this sign upon its arrival. Production is simple, and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes so you can start using the sign making substrates almost as soon as you receive it.

Please be informed that while these wholesale signs are weather and wind resistant, they are not designed to stay outside in all matters of inclement weather. In the case of heavy rains or snows you should move the signage inside to preserve its character. If what you're looking for is a model that requires a little less upkeep and can stay outside through any sorts of weather, our deluxe models may be a better match for your needs!

Because these are our economy models, however, means that they are exceptionally affordable. Your company or organization will get a quality sign that will last for years at an inexpensive rate that won't take up the entire advertising budget. A group of these sign frames could be purchased at one time for multiple stores, or to set up a series throughout a parking area leading directly to a specific industry supplier or commercial company. Restaurants, bars and other food industry players could set them up outside to advertise the latest additions to the menu, drink specials, or the promotional material of the band that's going to be performing there that weekend.

These wholesale snap frame signs are a great purchase if you are looking to purchase more than one in a singular order. With the way merchandise are priced here the more you order of the same item, the lower the price per item becomes. Many of the wholesale models in this category are eligible for's same day shipping. Just place your order before 2 pm EST and this wholesale sign making item (if in stock) will be shipped out to you that very same day.

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