Sidewalk Letter Board for Easy Change Message

Being able to produce custom made signage is one of the biggest benefits any sign supply can offer a business. But why should you choose letter board custom signage over, say, a custom printed poster? These letter boards provide custom signs quickly. By using sign supplies to customize the message that's broadcasting in front of your establishment, you'll be able to target a specific demographic and encourage them to check out the sales and other offerings presently happening. These letter boards, also known as reader boards, provide some of the most flexible signage around for a company. These sign supplies are also a great way to get your advertising out there in a way that won't hurt your advertising budget! With these letter board signs you'll be able to change your message as often as you want. This will save you and your company the cost of having to get new signage printed every time you want to produce a new message to show the public. Letter boards, sign supplies come with the tools needed to create your perfect message. Each sign is shipped with a letter kit consisting of over 300 letters, numbers, and symbols. These sign supplies are also incredibly easy to use. In this category, we've got a wide selection of sign supplies that option letter boards in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What styles of changeable letterboards are available?
  • Swinger signs that sway with the wind.
  • Fillable bases that add extra ballast in windy areas.
  • Polyethylene plastic A-frames that fold flat for storing.

For some models you can choose from a black or white background, depending on what works better for how you're planning on utilizing the signage. All of these wholesale signs have a dual-sided display, ensuring that your sign will be advertising in multiple directions and growing the amount of passersby who notice it. If you plan on leaving your sign out invariably, choose one of our deluxe models. Not all of the equipment for sign making featured in this category is suitable for long-term weather exposure. The deluxe models, however, feature fillable bases for added stability in windy conditions. Or try a model with springs or a swinger base. These wholesale styles are specifically designed to bend and sway with the wind instead of just tipping over. How about a sidewalk sign that's supremely portable; that you can place just about anywhere you need to? Folding A-frame signs weigh less than the larger signs (especially the polyethylene models!) and fold up into a slender package that's easy to adjust and relocate quickly.

What types of establishments use a letter board sign?
  • Restaurants can place this sidewalk sign equipment in front of their place to broadcast a number of messages, from what the daily special is to what band could be playing for their patrons that night.
  • Bars and pubs could use these boards to advertise what their current drink special is.
  • Let customers know that your clothing store or other boutique shop presently has a clearance sale going on by placing this advertising sign on the sidewalk in front of your establishment.
  • If salons and spas are offering a new service they could advertise it on these signs and place it on the roadside so that it attracts the eyes of people driving by.
  • A used car lot could put this equipment by their entrance, letting potential customers know at a fast glance which are the notable vehicles that are ready to be purchased.
  • Any company or industry player who wants an easy-to-use, yet professional looking display could feature from this signage!
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