Wire Suspension System for Wall Attachment Offers Lighting

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When considering the design of a hanging storefront display, are wire suspension systems that provide LED lighting better for presenting graphics than their customary counterparts? Cable signage fixtures that are illuminated will not only be more prominent than basic framing options, but also they are sure to add a contemporary accent to displayed promotions and advertisements. This wire suspension system, sometimes referred to as a steel hanging kit with acrylic paneling, has a thickness of less than one inch because of the small LED lighting elements and state-of-the-art design. Due to these highly functional attributes, many taprooms, restaurants, and other eateries implement the suspension display panels to stylishly highlight menus as well as directional information. The wire suspension system is offered with panels that come in two very popular dimensions (8-1/2" x 11" & 11" x 17"), so users are able to create and insert custom merchandising graphics. Every signage holder is crafted from a piece of 1/4" acrylic as well as an 1/8" acrylic sheet. As a result, the wire suspension system boasts a very slender profile that is easy to handle. In fact, the thin configuration is the main reason such a large number of shoppers chooses the rod-style hanging sets over other models. The wire suspension system is lightweight in order to facilitate an effortless installation procedure in windows and storefront entrances. Additionally, the designed-in diffusion technology evenly distributes illumination across the panels for easily deciphered presentations in any environment.

Where are wire suspension systems that feature lighting typically used?
  • As aforementioned, restaurants are some of the most frequent buyers. In these locations, proprietors and managers will use the displays to post menus and advertise limited-time selections. The rod-like hanging window kits allow customers and patrons examine available offerings before they are seated.
  • Retail stores are another setting in which the cable sign display fixtures are frequently set up. Here, they ensure fresh merchandise and new services are obviously posted, so patrons are able to find them. Oftentimes, the stainless steel rod hung hardware sets are placed near other store fixtures to supplement existing displays.
  • Real estate agents also employ these cable display tools. Most of the time, the holders are used to exhibit properties that are on the market. The bright illumination is ideal for advertising certain lots of land, houses, and industrial buildings. A lot of people who are looking to buy property enjoy the ability to return afterhours for the most up-to-date listings. For this reason, illumination remains one of the most helpful traits of the displays.
Why opt for cable hanging kits with lighting over typical illuminated sign boxes?
  • These hanging display fixtures come with on-board LED illumination rather than fluorescent tubes typical of some lighted signage solutions. These window cable sets with LEDs help conserve energy and even last quite a bit longer than the boxes that have neon bulbs.
  • The graphic hangers with stainless steel hardware also come in ideal sizes. Showcasing any information from food menus to in-store retail signage is straightforward with these supplies. Users may even create and print custom signs using a personal computer.
  • The fact that these units can feature more than just a single message is another way in which they outweigh the capabilities of florescent and neon sign display panels. These models also allow for the custom posters, ads, and promotional messages to be quickly and painlessly edited.
  • The revolutionary, sheet-style layout of each acrylic panel enables it to be hung with rod-like suspension cables. The resulting window display will stand out and, therefore, remain much more prevalent than most any conventional sign framing options.

Acrylic light displays, like these hanging poster frames, will present graphics prominently when they are affixed to the wall. The major difference between these styles and other wall mounting kits is that these illuminated signage holders are raised. In fact, the fixtures stand about 2" from the surface using the included stainless steel cable, fittings, and hardware. As a result, the acrylic insert frames that light up are effective for captivating targeted customers and prospective clients. In additional, the beveled acrylic edges on each display are actually responsible for casting the illumination once the unit is connected to a power source. The cord measures several feet long, so reaching the closest outlet is done without issue. The opaque black bordering deflects the lighting from the LED elements, which, in turn, creates a subtle yet sophisticated glowing effect. The fact that the stainless steel cable display is hung only a few inches from the wall further enhances the illumination. The soft glow reflects off the wall for an eye-catching and beautiful demonstration.

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