Cable Window Displays Are Wall-To-Wall Holders With 11" x 17" Sign Holders

There's more than one reason you should consider a cable window display for a retail store. Your front windows are the most important part of the storefront (with the exception of the door, of course). They're the perfect arena for you to show off your merchandise, keep potential customers enlightened of new sales, and much more. So why settle for an average, run of the mill window showcase? Cable window displays provide a unique look that helps your establishment stand out from the rest of the crowd. Unlike a typical poster holder that sticks directly to the glass, these designs mount on the wall to help give the systems a light and fluid feeling. Cable window displays, such as these frame matrices, allow you to hang more than one poster at a time. Sometimes all you need is a little extra space to get your point across to passersby, and this is the tool that will give you that. These versatile cable window displays that use acrylic hold anyplace up to sixteen (16) panels at once! Images placed in these frames become highly noticeable as well, placing the attention on your promotional posters and not distracting customers with ornate outlines and overly detailed fittings. Cable window displays can support signs measuring 11" x 17".

What else do these retail systems use to support posters?
  • The entire kit is supported by 16ft. lengths of cable. This cable is made from stainless steel for strength, and has been wrapped in plastic to help protect from fraying. The cords are very slender, which adds to the floating appearance which is often seen with these kits.
  • The 11" x 17" frames that are included in the systems are made from crystal clear acrylic. They feature a fold over, top loading design that allows you to change and update your images in a matter of minutes. Acrylic is a safe and affordable way to keep your images protected from damage.
  • The structure is held together by aluminum fittings. In these wall to wall systems, the fittings include top and bottom wall mounts and panel grippers to keep the frames securely attached to the wires. Aluminum is equally as strong as stainless steel however it's more affordable (giving us the ability to offer these systems to you at as low a rate as possible).

Loading up the frames is incredibly easy thanks to the top loading, fold over design. Simply pull the front panel down, slide your image in, replace the panel and that's it! In fact, the entire system is easy to use. You can take it out of the box and have it hanging up on the wall in a matter of minutes, letting you start advertising with it almost as soon as you receive your purchase.

What sort of stores and businesses are these poster holder kits usually found in?
  • Real estate agencies often hang these systems in their front windows as a quick and easy way to advertise which new rentals, properties, and houses have just hit the market to passersby and potential buyers before they sit down to talk with an agent.
  • They can be used at multiple types of art galleries, providing paintings, pictures, and other print art with a unique and modern showcase for their displays.
  • Many different aspects of the travel industry have turned to this style of signage for their displays. They can be found lining the walls in airports, hotels, and travel agencies, full of pictures advertising places of interest, upcoming events, and even exotic vacation destinations.
  • Restaurants like these acrylic frame holders to display the latest copy of the menu or daily meal specials. They can hang them in the front window, or in the entry way of the establishment to give customers a chance to look over the menu as they're waiting to be seated.
  • We can't forget to mention the retail store, which is one of the most popular places to spot these sorts of signs. They can be placed in the front window to advertise newly arrived items or special sales to passersby outside to lure them in, while on the back, facing towards the interior of the establishment, is a different sign directed towards returning customers.

So why do companies keep coming back to these display systems? It's not just one singular factor, but rather a combination of things that make these acrylic holders a popular choice for retail stores and other businesses. One factor is that they make a unique and affordable replacement conventional floor sign stands. Those models have a tendency to be bulky and take up a lot of floor space that could be better used for merchandise or customers. These systems pull the signs up off the floor, freeing up that space for you.

Another neat feature of the poster kits is that they can also be used as double sided displays. The clear acrylic frames provide visibility from either direction. If you've got the display set up in the window of the store, the interior facing side can be used equally as effectively as the exterior one. And if you want to add an additional frame or other accessory to your display, we can help with that as well. Attach a brochure holder to provide more information about that exotic destination, or add a singular, extra large poster frame to advertise a special sale.

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