These Wire Suspension Systems Are Sized for 8-1/2" x 11" Inserts

Why settle for a display that provides you with only one singular function? These wire suspension systems can be used in a number of different ways! The European design provides a modern touch, making the hanging displays a great choice for blending in with many different styles of interior decor. Wire suspension systems that are used in windows help you create high impact displays too. Clear acrylic frames focus attention on your images, while the hanging hardware keeps the structure securely attached to the wall. Wire suspension systems, otherwise known as hanging cable displays, are engineered for 8.5" x 11" images. This is the perfect page size for creating and printing custom signage on an office or business printer. Update your promotional graphics daily with these wire suspension systems! Being able to print your own artwork is a great money saver for any business. These state of the art hanging rod sets with stainless steel cables give you the power to create a dual sided display as well. This adaptability is yet another reason why these kits are popular with many different businesses and settings.

Where is the wire suspension system utilized?
  • These systems have been spotted at art galleries, supporting sketches, prints, and other paper-based pieces of art in a modern display that still manages to place the focus directly on the works.
  • These kits are also popular showcases at real estate agencies. When on display in the front window they provide information about the latest homes and rental properties on the market, keeping them aware of the details before they even sit down with an agent.
  • Restaurants like to use these hanging cable displays in the entryways of their associations to showcase the menu or daily specials. Customers will be able to check out what's on order that night while waiting for their tables.
  • Steel cable suspended kits are popular displays in the travel industry, from travel agencies all the way to airports. Showcase posters of exotic destinations, or use them to keep visitors aware of what some of the local hot spots and special events are.
  • Of course, we can't forget the retail store, one of the most popular locations to find these displays. Whether they're displayed on the wall or in the front window of the shop, it's hard for customers to ignore these displays that put the focus on promotional images.

One of the ways these cable hanging kits draw the eye towards your images is with the crystal-clear acrylic frames. Being see through means there's nothing there to distract from your ads, helping to ensure that customers and passersby take notice. The frames have been precision laser cut for a sleek appearance and feature a unique, fold-over design that makes updating and swapping out images a quick and easy task. The clear panels also allow you to utilize the frames as double-sided displays when mounted by a window.

Stainless steel cables provide support for your panels. These ropes have been wrapped in plastic, which help to prevent fraying and protect staff and customers. The hanging hardware which secures the system to the walls is made from aluminum, an affordable alternate to stainless steel that doesn't compromise on strength. All hardware has been finished in satin silver, providing a modern yet neutral look for the showcases.

Many different matrices are available, supporting anyplace from one (1) to eighteen (18) 8.5" x 11" panels. If you'd like a different amount or want to add onto your original matrix, check out our hanging kit accessories. Add a larger poster frame to an existing kit, or set up an additional brochure holder to provide additional information to customers and visitors. The amount of choices these sets give you is one of the best things about them.

How do these hanging sign showcases save space in a store?
  • Floor standing sign stands are often quite tall and unwieldy, with a large base that's engineered to keep the structure from toppling over in busier areas. By using a wall display you remove the need for that large base, liberating the floor space beneath it. You'll have more room to showcase new merchandise, or provide more space for customers to maneuver about in while shopping.

Bringing more customers into an establishment is continually an important part of any marketing plan. These wall displays place promotional images front and center, making it hard for potential customers to ignore them when passing by your place. The best part is that this cable or rope display manages to do it all at an affordable price. There's no need to break your operating budget with one of these wall mount poster holders.

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