Wire Window Display Supports 11" x 17" Pictures and Promotions

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This wire window display that features acrylic frames is perfect for larger images! The 11" x 17" frames place the emphasis directly on your promotional graphics, helping to ensure that customers both inside and outside of your retail store can't miss them. A cable suspension kit, wire window display can consolidate several prints into one cohesive showcase. Highlight graphics in one frame and accent it with text information in the adjacent panel. Or, create a checkerboard style design with larger acrylic systems – the choice is yours! This wire window display makes it easy for you to create a highly visible showcase for prints and other visual merchandising tools! Installation can be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start advertising almost as soon as you take the system out of the box. This wire window display, such as a suspension cable system, is the package that will help you create your ideal marketing display. How will these kits help you accomplish that intent? A front window exhibit for marketing images can create that showcase for you in a number of ways.

One of the ways that these displays make it easy for you to create your ideal showcase is by including everything you need in one handy package. Frames, hardware, hangers, you'll get them all. The foundation of the entire structure is the cable itself, which comes in 16 foot lengths to allow you to create a display even in the tallest of rooms. The wire is made from stainless steel, and has a nylon covering to help prevent fraying and other damage. You'll receive the necessary hardware as well, such as floor and ceiling mounts, mounting screws, plastic anchors, and the panel grippers to support your picture frames. The panel grips are made from aluminum and finished in a satin silver anodized finish for a modern, stylish appearance. The last component in these kits is the poster frame (or frames, depending on which matrix you choose). The 11" x 17" frames are double sided, allowing you to advertise in numerous directions at once. The top loading, fold over design provides you with easy graphic changes, giving you the ability to update your images as you need it. One of the most important features of the frames is that they are made from acrylic.

Why is acrylic a good material for these frames?
  • Acrylic provides the crystal clear look of glass in a material that's more longstanding and less prone to breakage than glass is.
  • Because the frames are clear and borderless thanks to precision laser cut lines, they'll place your promotional images front and center, with the focus directly on them and not on a distracting border.
  • The clear structure provides a modern look, as well as giving the impression that the wire showcases are floating in the air, and not braced by a support rod or similar structure.

These retail displays are ideal for use in a store or other institution where floor space is at a premium. While conventional floor-mounted poster holders can have a wide base, taking up room that could be designated for merchandise instead, the hardware in these systems are small and compact. With this kit, you'll be able to get comprehensive advertising while keeping your sales floor as filled with product as possible. You can also choose how many frames you'd like to include in your matrix. This category has as little as one singular frame in a system, all the way up to sixteen (16) panels in one system. Highlight one specific image, or create a wall full of images for your store (that could double as a room divider as well!). A room divider isn't the only way that these panels can be utilized, however.

What businesses like to use these suspension sets?
  • Retail stores like to use these hanging showcases for many different advertising purposes within their associations. They can display them in the window to create an indoor/outdoor advertising scheme, informing passersby outside the store of what sales are going on and what new products have just come in, while keeping the customers inside up on what sale specials are happening.
  • Real estate agencies find these to be a useful tool in showcasing the latest properties, flats, and homes that have entered the market, providing potential buyers with site information and pictures to match all at once.
  • These frames can provide a truly modern showcase for print artwork on display in a gallery or museum, giving them a frame that matches their style and a cable display that's hard for patrons to ignore.
  • These hanging systems are a popular sight at restaurants and cafes, providing a unique and rugged display for menus near the entrance of the restaurant or by the ordering counter in a cafe. The top loading design of the frame makes it incredibly easy to keep the showcase updated with daily menu specials, as well as list the latest and greatest specialty drinks that are new to the menu.

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