Wire Window Displays for 11" x 17" Graphics

What is a wire window display? It is a series of acrylic poster holders that are connected by cables. These wire window displays create a unique array of images that attract attention. The retail advertising kits are ideal for window displays as they are suspended from the ceiling. The inexpensive wire window displays for11" x 17" signage, such as our 16-panel array, are unique demonstration tools that people notice. The numerous images draw extra attention to a window d├ęcor. These wire window displays are used to display images of retail merchandise. They are used to present seasonal images that complement a window demonstration. These inexpensive wire window displays for sale are used to provide accent colors to window decors. They are even used in other locations within a business to both advertise and inform. SignSupplies2Go.com sells these wire window displays at the cheap wholesale prices you have come to expect from our company.

Why does a business need a wire window display?
  • With the economy as it is, businesses need to make themselves unique from their competition. One of the best ways to do that is through advertising. As not every business can afford expensive television, radio, and magazine or newspaper advertising, it is often the window display that gets shoppers to enter a store. Just any old advertising often doesn't cut it, but an array of posters artfully placed in a window is often just the thing needed to get customers into a business.
What would you display in all of the poster holders included with an inexpensive wire window display system?
  • That depends on the business you're in. For example, a retail clothing store usually has a large storefront display area. In this space are placed mannequins used to showcase a few items of clothing. Now, imagine these mannequins artfully placed in your storefront display with an array of images displaying how the displayed clothing may be mixed and matched with other items in your store. Such displays really peak the interest of window shoppers and entice them into a store.
  • Now imagine a window display that is showcasing the latest in skiwear or ski supplies. Then imagine a matrix of posters located behind the merchandise showing images of people enjoying the slopes and relaxing in the ski lodge. What a great way to make shoppers long for the slopes so they will buy what they need to get out there.
  • Another scenario would be the demonstration of a variety of clothing items with a theme such as stripes or colors. These storefront displays could use images of geometric shapes in bold colors that give dimension to the demonstration.
  • Finally, it's the holidays. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a matrix of posters filled with holiday symbols and colors. Present red, pink, and white posters covered in hearts for Valentines Day. Showcase pots of gold, leprechauns, and four leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day. Create a holiday display that reminds shoppers of Christmas, Chanukah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even Administrative Professional's Day! There are no limits as to what you can do with an array of acrylic poster frames.

These store signage kits are not just for retail stores. They are also great for service providers such as nail studios, hair salons, tattoo artists, real estate agents, architects, and interior decorators. Bakeries and delis also present images of their products in arrays. The great thing about this acrylic signage is that it is two-sided. So, retailers and professionals are able to showcase products and services to patrons inside the store as well as those walking on the sidewalk.

A complete hardware kit is included with each system ordered. This kit includes at least two coils of 16' nylon-coated cable, ceiling mounts, and panel connectors. Also included is an Allen wrench to connect the panels together. The number of columns that are created determines the number of coils that are included. Two coils for each columnar exhibit is standard. The poster hangers are made of clear acrylic. They are strong and longstanding and will last through many years of use. These panes are sized to hold 11" x 17" posters. Inserts slide into the poster holders and are tightly held in place by the front and back of the panels.

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