Poster Light Boxes Attract Extra Attention is the company to go to when you want top quality sign supplies at wholesale prices. Our web-based catalog is filled with 100s of sign making kits, light boxes, that draw attention. This category of wholesale sign supply includes five styles of light boxes. Ultra thin light boxes sit flat against the wall so the message gets all of the attention. The outdoor rated sign supply is the next featured category. These models are weather-resistant and may be placed on an uncovered outside wall. The T-5 fluorescent sign supplies include a variety of sizes of these energy-efficient light boxes. These models give the appearance of a simple poster sign but take advantage of lighting technology to present a brighter image to passersby. The ultra-slim LED sign supply, also known as a lighted photo frame, sits on a countertop or table or mounts to the wall. These smaller sign kits are perfect in office settings or for point of sale displays. The final category includes our floor standing models that are portable units that can be place virtually anywhere. Peruse our company website now to view our entire selection!

Why should you use an illuminated sign supply?
  • In today's video age, grabbing the eyes of customers is getting harder and harder. Many times people will pass by a simple sign because it just doesn't grab their attention. A lighted sign has that something extra that does grab attention. Lighted displays bring your company into the 21st century and entice customers with a bright demonstration.
  • During the evening hours, it may be hard to see conventional posters, which means your displays stop working for you after dark or when your business is closed. A lighted unit continues to attract attention at night and can even be used after hours. This increases exposure to your business, which is essential in hard, economic times.
Which illuminated sign supply is right for you?
  • Lighted displays are perfect for every setting. Professional offices enjoy the slim line models as they present inspirational posters to customers and staff. Add illumination to these inspirational posters and they come alive enticing passersby to stop to really grasp the displayed message.
  • Lighted signage is great for the outdoor advertiser. If you're open after dark, a lighted sign could cause passersby to notice your business establishment over your competition. The exterior-rated lighted sign can be used to display restaurant menus or even drink specials at a nightclub or bar.
  • Retail stores enjoy every kind of lighted sign making equipment. Use on the wall to present important information regarding check cashing and return policies. (No one can claim they didn't notice these policies!) Or, strategically placed on the walls or counters of a retail establishment, these lighted signs can grab that extra attention to new arrivals, specials, or overstock merchandise.
  • Malls, museums, and convention centers love the floor standing light boxes. These units are the perfect choice for displaying directional signs including store layouts, seating charts, display information, and much more!
  • Every business can feature from a variety of sign supplies! Mix and match to create the ideal setting that attracts customers!

Lighted signage is the perfect way to attract attention to products and services. The low-cost poster frames utilize LED lighting technology or T5 fluorescent displays to present messages within bright frames that get noticed. The LED lights and T5 fluorescent lights are energy efficient and are designed to last through many years of use.

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