Edge Grip Standoffs | Stainless Steel and Aluminum Sign Mounts

Black, Chrome and Silver Standoffs with an Edge-Grip Design

These edge grip standoffs are great for affixing panels to surfaces without having to drill holes in signage. These types of fasteners are excellent choices for showcasing wayfinding and corporate signs. The edge grip standoffs, also called sign mounts, grasp signs from the side that secure with set screws. Each mount is machined from aluminum or stainless steel with either plated or anodized finishes. With their strong design sense, these edge grip standoffs will accent your signage made from solid wood, metal, acrylic, and even glass.

What are the general features of this sign mounting hardware?
  • Each edge grip standoff can handle a wide range of substrate thicknesses. The measurements (in diameter x depth) range from 1" x 0.5" to 1" x 8".
  • The steel models feature brushed finishes for the stainless variety, and plated finishes like chrome and satin silver for the raw steel versions. Aluminum standoffs come with anodized finishes in black and silver.
  • The sign supports normally have a single slot for attaching to one panel. However, dual-slot styles are available which are especially useful for directory-type installations where stacks of signs are mounted together. 4-way spacers clamp onto the corners, providing a different look than the edge-grips. These are also useful when creating large matrices on the wall.
  • One of the great things about these mounts is that they're easy to install. Each set comes with the appropriate installation materials: screws to attach the standoff barrels to the wall, and an allen wrench for tightening the cap securely.

This wholesale mounting hardware gives any office or business establishment a clean and sleek look while displaying a company's or organization's name. Notice that there are many lengths to choose from (the distance they extend off the wall). With regards to design, we recommend picking a length that directly correlates to the weight of the sign. Corporate signage made from plate glass is exceedingly heavy, whereas lighter plastic substrates are not. Follow this rule: The longer the standoff is, the lighter the panel needs to be.

So who can take advantage of these standoffs? Anyone with a solid signage panel that they'd like to hang without having to drill holes through the panel could use this hardware. Office suites and buildings could display signage indicating the locations of specific people and rooms inside the building, or just to create a directory display in the main lobby. Hotels could take advantage of these fixings for similar purposes, and could also utilize them for plates that state which room is which, like the gym or the reception desk. Boutiques and other stores could showcase ads for marketing. Museums could place these signs next to displayed artwork to impart information about the piece in a way that is sturdier and more lasting than just a sheet of paper on foam board. Create shelving on countertops by using the mounts as legs, the possibilities are indeed endless.

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