Sign Hanging Hardware for Traditional and Drop Ceilings

If you've got a hanging sign, then you need these sign supplies to go along with it. This may not be the designer part of the hanging process, but this hanging hardware kit is the necessary equipment to give your hanging poster holder the proper display. This sign supply includes all the needed hardware for mounting. With this sign making equipment you'll be able to hang your signage from almost any overhead or ceiling. Why is a sign supply that hangs signage from the ceiling such a feature for store and business owners? These hanging hardware kits are great for keeping the signage up and out of the way where it is safer from accidental damage. This sign supply, called poster holding hardware, also keeps the sales floor clear. When your sales floor is clear of the clutter of conventional bulky stand-style signs, it allows more space for display racks, as well as creating an easier path for customers to navigate through. The hanging sign supply is hard to miss! Customers will take notice of a sign making tool that's hanging right ahead of them rather than one that's placed off to the side and slightly out of the way. This hanging hardware, sign supply, provides a great alternative to conventional signage.

What equipment does each hanging hardware kit sign supply include?
  • Four (4) "S" hooks
  • Two (2) barnacle clips for suspended or drop ceilings
  • Two (2) toggle bolts for plaster, sheetrock, or lath ceilings
  • Two (2) lengths of either nylon line or chains in varying sizes: 12", 18", 24", and 60" for the chains. The lines are 6", 12", 18", 24", and 60"

As you can see above, the hanging hardware kit comes in a variety of lengths, from a shallow 6" that's ideal for a display that can be close to the ceiling to a sizeable 60" which would be perfect for buildings with high ceilings, such as department stores or convention halls. That's the only varying part of this sign making kit. But the feature of having this standardized hardware is that it will work incredibly well with many of the hanging poster rails that are in this category. If you have a hanging frame at home that is lacking hardware, this kit can be used with that as well. Setting up this sign making hardware so that you can hang your poster frames is fantastically simple and can be accomplished in a matter of mere minutes.

How do you install the sign making tool kit?
  • First, anchor either the barnacle clips or the toggle bolts into the ceiling.
  • Attach two (2) of the "S" hooks to the ceiling hangers.
  • Then, attach the other two (2) "S" hooks to the eyelets or other hanging holes in your poster frame.
  • Hook the cords or chains to the "S" hooks attached to the frame.
  • Finally, hook the loose ends of the cords/chains to the "S" hooks hanging from the ceiling.

And that's all that's needed for installation. This wholesale sign making set is so simple that you could get the signage in an entire store set up quickly, leaving you with more time to make sales to your customers instead of worrying about having to hang up all of your posters and other promotional images. If you're concerned about any weight restrictions on this equipment, the hanging hardware can hold a sign that weighs a considerable amount if installed properly. Any restrictions about the weight of a hanging poster frame come more from the type and structure of the ceiling than the equipment itself.

How about the price of these hanging hardware kits? This sign making equipment is extremely affordable, making it an inexpensive as well as an easy feat to get your signage display set up. In fact, all merchandise in this category come in under 10$. The wholesale price is yet another reason why stores love these hanging hardware kits to display their signage. You can often find them in places like supermarkets or department stores, labeling what product is in which aisle or giving directions for which way a specific department is. They also make for great displays in waiting rooms or the foyers or companies, providing a unique showcase for company history and other information before visitors come in for their appointment. Many of the poster frames these hanging hardware kits can be used with are double sided. You could then use these wholesale kits to hang a sign right behind the front window of a store or company, allowing passersby outside and customers inside to take advantage of your advertisements and other promotions.

These poster hanging kits are eligible for our same day shipping when in stock. Just place your order before 2 pm EST and this sign making equipment will be shipped out that same night. Also, the greater quantities of this wholesale product that you order at one time, the lower the price per item will be (see individual product page for exact pricing breakdown). These are just some of the benefits of placing your order with!

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