Sign Hardware | Standoffs, Screw Covers, and Poster Hangers

Hardware for Mounting and Hanging Signs

sign hardware

Need to place a graphic on a wall, window or ceiling? This sign hardware is great for showcasing various types of signage in different situations. Many options are available, such as hanging fixtures, rails and cable displays. Standoff mounts are another great type of sign hardware, or mounting supplies, because they can anchor an image to the wall without any external frame. These only require four (4) holes in the signage panel and vertical surface making installation easy. Sign hardware shown here can support signage made of many different fabrications. For example, metal, wood, glass, and acrylic graphics are compatible with these accessories. Explore a number of styles to meet any promotional need, whether it's in a retail store or an office environment!

What are the different types of mounting supplies?
  • Through Grip Standoff Mounts: This sign hardware is made of strong aluminum, stainless steel or brass. These brackets are made to screw into panels like conventional threaded fasteners. There are a number of finishes available including silver, gold, red and blue. Screws like these can be used outdoors to mount signage as well as indoors with their durable fabrication. They are available in various sizes with their diameter ranging from 0.5"to 1.5" and their distance from the wall ranging between 0.625" and 2.5".
  • Edge Grip Standoff Mounts: These in the exact same way but, as their name suggest, they hold panels on their edges. Each has a sturdy construction of aluminum, steel or copper. This type of bracket can feature multiple sides for holding signage, including dual-sided and 4-way designs. Sizes available range from 0.75" to 1" in diameter with a 0.5" to 8" distance from the surface. Both types of spacers can be used to create countertop stands in retail stores.
  • Signage Rails: This type of anchor is similar to the edge grip spacers because they grab sign panels on their borders and can also feature a countertop standing design. Each unit is made from plastic, aluminum or steel and features a silver or black finish. Rails can be used on one side of the panel to maximize visible signage space.
  • Screw Caps and Covers: Sandwich caps are made to affix (2) panels together, making them a simple solution for creating signage. These sign supports made of strong metal with a satin silver finish and measure 0.75", 1" or 1.25" in diameter. Caps come in a set of (8) and also include rods for accommodating panels with a combined thickness of 0.125" to 1.5". Covers are decorative mounting supplies that are made to hide unsightly screws. These are available in silver and gold for matching any d├ęcor. This type of hardware is available in sizes ranging from 0.625" to 1.25" with the option of screws and other hardware.
  • Hanging Hardware: For hanging signage, a variety of kits are available with different designs. Kits can include a jack chain or a nylon line with a clear display holder. Also available are suction cups for attaching to windows and glass fixtures.
  • Poster Rails: This type of sign support can clamp onto images on the top and bottom to create a frameless display. These are great for stores because they can be hung from ceilings and walls, saving floor space. This type of accessory comes in a variety of sizes measuring between 18" and 72" wide.
  • Cable Systems: These mounting supplies include aluminum and steel wires with an acrylic frame that holds signage. The accessories are available in three main styles: ceiling hanging, floor-to-ceiling and wall mounted, making them great for any establishment. In addition, these units are available with multiple displays and others come with LED lights. Over a hundred options are available with these showcases!

We offer a large assortment of advertising options that are great for any office, school, store or service organization. They're ideal for promoting advertisements, informational signage, artwork and even photographs. Spacers and signage rails are often used for displaying wayfinding info in large buildings. Any establishments can make use of these simple fixtures!